RIP Mabel Lai, my friend.

27 Oct

The news came to me  as a terrible shock and it is still hard to grasp.

I remember sobbing when I first found out about your death on your Facebook wall.

I thought it was a prank or just some made up drama. But as I slowly scroll down, it doesn’t seem like a joke to me.

Mabel, you will always be our orange Angel, losing you as a classmate, I feel so empty inside.

I keep looking around, thinking I’ll see your face, or hear your voice or your sweet sweet smile. But no more.

Such great loss of talent and beauty.

My thoughts and prayers are with Lai’s family.

It was difficult to hear the eulogy given by her family, I know I can’t imagine how exactly they felt, but I can sense the depth of their sadness and hurt. Losing a wonderful sister, a daughter just like that, it is so devastating to hear.

I will never forget Mabel’s smile when I first met her. Although I never had the opportunity to spend much time with her, she remains my inspiration to this day, admiring from far. She was always the team player, always be forced to be our team leader, and tease never gets angry so easily, in fact, I never even see her got angry before. Friendly, helpful, beautiful..

A smile. A friend’s smile. It remains in my heart.

Losing a friend like this, make me look at life a whole different way now. I didn’t expect I would receive a grief like this so soon. Death didn’t seem to be that much of a bother to me before this, but now , I realized, you can never know when your time will come. Any time you could be taken out in a flash. No one knows until it’s too late.

It makes me think about how I treat others , or some of those words could be my last word to them .

It makes me think, how I will be remembered by others when I die?

Did I bring joy or sorrow to other people?

Did I give ? Or just know how to take?

Make me think life is so priceless and I didn’t even appreciate that I get to wake up every morning, feeling refresh as new day awaits. It is a miracle itself, some people can’t even do so.

I don’t want to live  life to the fullest, but I want to  spend as much time with my loved ones.. Fuck the materialistic stuff  because it has no feelings, those thing won’t love me back in the long run.

Sorry Mabel, I don’t have a proper picture with you. The only picture of me and you :





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