Pimping it away! Doctors!

18 Jun

I’m sure medical students and dental students can relate to what I’m going to write about.

It is absolutely terrifying, it’s supposed to be a teaching method, but a horrible one.

It’s when doctor ask students a series of question, to test student’s knowledge,  start from a simple / uncomplicated ones and then proceed to insanely difficult until you get one wrong, and you’re screwed. Forever.

US people called it – pimping a med student.

If any doctors are reading this, have a soul and mercy on us students, if you’d love to pimp, do it in a nice and non humiliating way. Being intimidated does not make a positive learning experience.


How I hate doctors who think so highly of themselves! A little humility goes a long way! Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Anyway, here’s awesome video of what exactly happened in our life, facing the doctors:

The style of learning in this video really helps my self confidence.
NOT.Fuck Life

And this is to whoever said dentists are not doctors! Awesome comeback!



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