What happened last night?

16 Jun

Too much drinking lead to hilarious conversation.


Drunk but still has 12% of soberness is epic

Drunk me : Scale of 1-10, how much do you hate him?

Drunk Jane: 20!

*trying to high 5 each other, but missed.


Shaun Liew is so fucking drunk he can’t even talk.

Me: Shaun Shaun Shaun! Faster reply me, do you love Jane?

Shaun : *Passed out on the table*

Jane: Honey you love me or not?!!

Shaun: *dead as a corpse*


Jane : *dip french fries into the cold water*

Me: What the fuck jane! Wtf are you doing? that’s not chili sauce?!!!

Jane: No..It’s too hot. Need to make it cold so Shaun won’t burn his tongue.

Me: I see, I see. Make sense.

5 minute later~

Jane dipped fries into cold water again.

Me: Jane why did u do that for?! you bitch! *memory lost of what happened 5 minutes ago*

Jane: It’s too hot. So I dipped it to make it cold.

*feed shaun*

*continue to laugh like a laughing gas overdose bitches*

5 minute later~

Realization hit.

Me: Wait, you can just blow it , right?

Jane: Oh ya……

*laugh like crazy monkey again*

15 June 2012. history was made. Shaun was drunk for the first time. Epic.



One Response to “What happened last night?”

  1. jane June 17, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    i said 20? lol.. nice……

    did you know i puked for 6 hours the next day (head IN the dustbin type) and hangover for the rest of the day. omfg. but damn it was worth it!! HAHA..

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