Why not?

27 Apr

I know nobody’s gonna care about Bersih 3.0 tomorrow.

But if you asked me what’s on my mind, I’m gonna tell you now.

Sometimes I just feel so sad.

I do not wish to support any political party because I know that there is no such thing as clean politic.

But, how can the government, get themselves so deep into what they are so comfortable with and do whatever in their possible way to keep their shit together, by giving out temporary IC, leaving the future of our nations in the hand of foreigners? Doing all kind of cover ups in newspapers?

the moment I look at the newspapers / news report , they’re all seem to have just been a political cosmetic cover by the government putting thick foundations of lies into the citizens mind.

Most people think this way:  No matter what we do, the current government will still win the next election.

Why? When the government says that the votes are coming back to them, what they really meant was that we had secured a few thousand and thousands of voters by all their means whether by the temporary IC or bribery.

The real question is,

Why are,we Malaysians can tolerate till today?

It’s simple.

We just wanna earn as much money as we can before the country collapse, and when it does, we just migrate.

That’s what most people think! And that is also why most people do not care.

But think about it, how many of you can actually manage to run away? hundreds? thousands?

Then what about those that are left behind?

You can ignore what’s happening today, that’s because it didn’t affect the way you live.

so the question is what can we really do?

If you ask me. I really don’t know.

I walked out the street having more fear towards the police than the thief’s.

I go in a government department feeling more like a stranger than walking into a shopping mall.

I see people fighting so hard for their earning while I see our so called leaders filling up their pocket without effort.

You ask me why do I think so much by going to the rally?

I ask you, why not?




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