22 with love!

17 Apr

Last year I celebrated my birthday with my awesome Special Friends, along with Nicholas Yap who has same birthday month as me.

This year is no exception!

We went to Cris Tang Restaurant.

Menu is filled with awesome porks and grill stuff.

April Babies:

The after party:

Goofy-ing in Tropicana malls and Tropic Resident Swimming pool area, but got chase off by guard. They scared we’re too  noisy for the residents I guess, and they closed at 11pm. What a hater!

After cam whoring in malls and places where you shouldn’t be, (like children’s bike and trolley), we went to Wan Dee’s place to watch movie, and end up having a slumber party.

14 April 2012:

Went to awesome city: MALACCA.

The city with awesome walls for vintage photo shooting , also, FOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSS!!!!!

Happy level: ASIAN

Look at their awesome walls and my awesome editing skill:

Last day being 21 !! 14 April =(

In malacca, All you gotta do is eat eat eat.

That’s what we did. The food journey begins with : Chicken rice.

You have to queue up for this awesome meal.

Worth every penny and waits.

Of course, we didn’t stop at chicken rice and be satisfied with life.

Continue next stop: PORK SATAY.

The pork satay was awesome. Weird sauce though.


Next stop (No break in between this stop and last stop, because we can.): Baba and Nyonya food!


Orgasmic ladies finger and fish head!!

The very next minute:  Orgasmic Cake

Just look at the queue.

And we cam-whored outside of the shop too..
With people looking around like we’re bunch of psychos.

No shame. No guilt. Just pleasures.


Walked around the Hatten malls.

What a beautiful and awesome malls.

Bought Battleship movie ticket at 5pm and the show started at 5.10pm.

There’s still plenty of seats. Mindblown the minute I entered the cinema because it’s freaking huge and majestic.

Next stop for food after movie: Sate Celup

The SAW-CES!! and the meat!

I ate 20 sticks of orgasmic meats of course. Still mindblown by the awesome movie. Watch battleship, people! Worth every penny and worth every hold of my pee. wait what..

I rate it 10/10.





Next stop: Night market at Jonker Walk/Street.


Next stop:

Asam Pedas Curry Fish Head

By this time, all of  us looked dead, and the asam pedas fish head is salty. Not so nice. I managed to chow down another Roti Telur because I’m awesome and fat.

what a lovely week and lovely companions!

I love my friends!

Perfect birthday celebration for me because it was filled with foods and awesome people that I love and adore.

I don’t need expensive gifts and presents, I just need some awesome company and majestic, salivating foods.

Pity some people, they are so poor, all they got is money :p


Epic friends are epic.


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  1. whale April 20, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

    jesssssssssssssssssssss! *wink

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