Happy Resurrection of the Lord day!

8 Apr

A well done video, actually convinced me to go back to church again.

Still finding that right church though.

I hate how some people just wanna go to church on special occasion such as Easter or Christmas.

Church is packed with people on these days, particularly. Why? Just because they wanna make themselves look better?

Bunch of hypocrites.

I’m not saying all of them are,  some of these people just give the real one a bad name.

I am in a constant struggle for grace  and Christ-likeness. But whether or not the church represents that struggle or just providing a temporary spiritual fix, that is a good question.

Matthew 7:7 Seek and you shall find.

One day God will lead me to find the right church.

After all, true growth in relationships with God and true missions work happen outside the 4 walls of church.





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