Everyone else is NPC

31 Mar

Have you ever played any RPG like Skyrim before?

You, real life you, is the protagonist of the story.

Everyone else is an NPC.

Your mum is an NPC.

Your teachers are NPC.

Strangers on the street are NPC.

Hell, even your shitty little cat is an NPC.

Now, how much do the NPC realy affects you?

NPCs are never the story.

They only exist to help you move the story along.


So if you screw up, or feel awkward or want to start a conversation with a stranger, don’t feel stressed out.

Laugh it off. You’re the protagonist.

They’re just the NPCs.

They deserve no fucks. (okay maybe a little bit of fuck)

This is your story.

Live it the way you want to.



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