Kony 2012 Is A Scam?

12 Mar

I promised myself to not talk / blog/ post about Kony anymore but shit just got real when people everywhere start to post videos / blogs about how the Invisible Children is a huge scam and just another political agenda.

I’ve done my research so stop saying I didn’t do any.

So, here’s the list of stuff that people say that I would like to counter attack with.

1. Please stop this Kony 2012. It is false and has hidden political agenda. Why Kony now? There’s tons of other thing you should care about!


I don’ get it,

even if this is all false, it has caught your attention for crime against humanity. Most of us would not give a fuck about any of the problems before this video.

This is a good thing, regardless its hidden agenda. The campaign succeeded its goal: making Kony famous. You say other movements should be paid attention to too. So this one shouldn’t be? This is better than nothing.

2. “Do your research man, they only used 31% of the donation to actually help the children in Uganda. This is all about money making. Most of the money goes to their raising awareness campaign. Seriously?”


Maybe it’s true that only 31% of profits go towards the children. But that’s 31% more help than you have done. If you watch this video and simply want to disenfranchise this concept of empowerment of the masses then I feel sorry for you.

Even if only 31% of that money reaches them, that’s one life saved.

As for all of the money that is being allocated to public awareness, that is important because they are trying to get the public interested enough to pressure the American government into getting involved.

Even if you think these crimes are now irrelevant, this movement has symbolic significance to the capabilities of technology and social media for spreading messages of social change. Maybe one day we can achieve the same justice for the crooks that have corrupted the world.

I honestly don’t believe money is a problem in this whole situation and I don’t believe that’s what should be focused on.

99% of the population did not know of Kony and his crimes.

If you really want to be a game changer in this movement then YOU will get up and rally others to infect the minds of everyone in the world through media, words, and perseverance.

Knowledge is power.

30% IS A LOT for a charity. Do you really know how much money that is??

If you do your research then you will know other charities sometimes only give 15% to the actual cause and the rest goes to THE PEOPLE running the show, which is NOT what KONY 2012 does.

The other 70% is mostly spent on ADVERTISING, why? Because that is the whole PURPOSE of KONY 2012, to raise awareness and inspire people to join the stepping stone to unify with other people to advocate change!

3. “OHHH..Why do you care now? It is too late. You’re 26 years too late. Kony’s been doing this for over a decade.”

It is NEVER too late to start caring. The thing about all this is that we HAVE to start anywhere.

Africa, America, Europe, no matter where or what the issue is. With this “project” we can bring politicians to act,

just by spreading the video and SHOWING that we care!

Just imagine the positive feedback to the politician who locks Kony down. The more WE care, the more THEY care.

We have to start somewhere.

4.  Kony’s crimes aren’t the only one that are pleading for our care and aid. You can’t save everyone. GET REAL.


This is definitely true, but if ‘STOP KONY 2012’ is successful, who knows it may inspire other noble people to start more organizations to help the needy all over the world?

There is nothing wrong with clicking ‘share’ and spreading the message.

Yes there is a lot of shit around the world, but let me ask you, what have you done about it?


This is our chance as a people to do something, and if it’s successful, then it is merely a stepping stone and proof that  when people have a common goal, we are unstoppable.

After Kony is defeated, who says we can’t conquer and rid the world of other shit.

That’s the point of KONY 2012. It’s not a scam. It’s proof that there is hope for mankind, and that we can defeat evil.

5. Kony being arrested or “stopped” isn’t going to make things better. Another warlords will soon take over and the cycle continues.


We are telling everyone who watches this video that his actions are plain wrong, so that when another fucking guy dares to step up and take Kony’s place, he will be arrested in a much shorter time.

There is a reason why the rest of the 68% of the funds go into making this video. It is just because the money channeled into marketing is able to save even more lives by creating awareness. So don’t just shoot down the organization and accuse them of robbing our hard-earned money.

Yes, the fact that Kony dies isn’t going to stop the problem. But by making ‘STOP KONY 2012’ viral, we are spreading the plight of the victims to people all over the world, publicly condemning Kony’s ruthless exploitation of the people just to sustain his power.

6. Stop acting like you know everything about the world in ONE video and believing everything in just ONE video!

I’m not believing in one simple video,and  I am not saying  KONY 2012 movement is perfect.

I’m just trying to balance out all of  your negativity.

You didn’t even argue any of my good points against you so where is your validity?

I am not trying to defend this one simple thing, I am trying to defend the positive influence from it and promote more positivity than being cynical like you people and not starting any good change.

Give me a good point and I will listen but you give zero.

7.  Kony is no longer in Uganda. This video is a lie.

Did any of you “critics” even watch the Kony video? It is pretty explicit that the problem is no longer in Uganda, but has spread elsewhere.

The reason it shows footage from Uganda is to demonstrate the crimes Kony has been committing for decades.

I realize you don’t want to “follow the crowd” because being critical makes you feel smarter, but at least know what you are criticizing.


Kony 2012 is a social media experiment to see if all of us in the world can really change the world using the internet (Youtube, Twitter, Fb) and bring real change.

If the experiment works, then it proves that the world really does have different rules, and that we all have more power when we’re all together united behind a good cause.

Mass media is changing everything these days by letting people hear the untold stories.

I agree we shouldn’t just stop at Kony, we should continue to raise awareness through social media.

People have to realize that despite novel causes like these going viral, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Its  the first time a charity has really gone viral for a good cause. Sure there are kinks and problems, but there are always hiccups with progress and the next time an issue like this goes viral, it will be an even bigger issue and even more people will embrace it.



Wow. I should be a writer, why did I join dentistry?


2 Responses to “Kony 2012 Is A Scam?”

  1. etcetera * March 12, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

    You should totally become a writer =D

  2. Kristin Jones-Koch March 14, 2012 at 7:15 am #

    Every scam that the Nigerians, folks from Ghana, etc. play on the good citizens of the US and Canada, the more likely people will think this is a scam. They hurt their own people with these constant internet scams, it is good to be cautious of anything dealing with Africa.

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