You know what really grinds my gear?

7 Mar

….How people are so ignorant about Kony 2012 and complaining about how their Facebook is getting spammed about it.

Your life must be too hard and inconvenienced about it huh?

You have to deal with “spam” while kids are getting kidnapped from  their family to murder for power, and if they refuse,they’ll get killed.

Yeah dude! Your life is far worse than that..

How can you have the decency to think you are better and more important than another human being suffering everyday while your worst day ever is having notification to stop such violence?

Just think about that before you open your mouth and feel the need to SPAM my news feed with your “problems”.

How can some people have to have such a bland outlook on life?

One does not simply complain about their precious news feed being CLOGGED by KONY campaign when chances are it’s probably FULL OF SHIT anyway.

Seeing certain people who complain that people  are suddenly jumping ship to support this campaign, and claim that we should accept the fact that it’s been happening a long time now, need to RETHINK their own existence.

What harm is giving a FUCK doing ?

What harm is giving a thought about those in a very different situation from us doing?

What is turning your back to the situation and thinking , “Just because we stop one of them, doesn’t mean it will all stop.” do?!

Stupid assholes everywhere. Such an eyesore.

I hope one day you’ll find out that there is something terrible going on in the world and you feel that it should be stopped.

So sorry that this guy has a dream to stop something he feels strongly about.

He wants peace for a friend of his that he truly cares about.

Wait a minute?!

That sounds familiar.

Oh yes, Martin Luther King Jr had a dream once.

Just because he was killed for that dream doesn’t change the fact that he DID change something for the world.

Blacks and whites are now more equal than they were  before Martin.

He stood for what was right, and now Jason Russell is doing the same thing.

So what if a bunch of people did not know about this war crime before tonight? At least they are spreading it and helping the cause.

Most of our problems can be fixed because we have more freedom than those children.

They will never know what is freedom while you sit behind a computer screen telling people to mind their own business.

If you were one of these children, wouldn’t you be thrilled to know some kid in some country cared enough to help you?

What if  that was you? or your friend? or your family member?

These kids probably never dreamt they would end up running for their lives.

The facebook posts are to spread the word, which is all Facebook is good for.

You post shit on facebook, and I bet you’ve been doing it for years, right?

But you can be stopped!

If enough people report you, you can’t post shit anymore.


And,that ,my friends,  is what really grinds my gear.


WATCH THIS VIDEO if you are not an ignorant asshole. Watch it TWICE if you are.

I know it’s 29:59 min long. CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

If you can spare the length of a television sitcom, I know you’ll got this.

Unless you have the attention span of 3 years old, then I can’t help you.


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