Another Story Of The Better Pills Of Fate

27 Feb

Maybe it’s not your fault.

Maybe it’s just the way you were raised.

Maybe it’s just the way you over exaggerate stuff.

Maybe you just need to relax.

Maybe it’s the way you don’t care about people  unless there is something in it for yourself.

Maybe it’s just me don’t want to spent my time putting up  with your bullshit and the time you took to dramatize stuff.

I usually don’t hate people in general.

(Except Edward Cullen and dumb stuff like that)

Me getting mad at people is just a sleep away.

But know this,

I fucking HATE you.

End of story.




But also,

know this.

Nobody’s perfect, especially me.

I was born in this world to be incompatible with some type of people ,

Gotta learn to let my guard down and give people a chance before ditching them, I might be surprised at what I can learn  from them.

Live life to the fullest because wherever you go , you’re gonna find that one bitch and that one quiet nerd. This is…


Dun dun dun..


Anyway..This blog saves my life.



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