RIP Adam Adamowicz

22 Feb


I was totally unaware of the fact that the brilliant artist of Skyrim and Fallout 3 died!!

Wayyyy more sad than Whitney Houston dying!

Whitney made a wrong  choice in life, But Adam has got no choice in battling cancer.

His art was breathtaking, talent was unmatched and his method was inspiring!

Today, I will raise my glass and toast to a man whom I’ve never met.

I will toast for the profound effect his art had on my appreciation  for games,

and for the final product he helped create.

Normally, I wouldn’t mourn for someone that I didn’t really know of,

but this man….

this man has single-highhandedly created the world that I’ve spent countless of hours in.

World I would gladly go to and forsake our own if that was possible.

World I found more beautiful than any world created by any film maker or writer.

World that has captivated me like nothing I had ever experienced before.

RIP Adam. May you sing among the angels in heaven.





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