28 Jan

The making of Skyrim.

These 2 videos made me looking like WHOA for a few minutes.

Watch the  behind the scene for the making of Skyrim.

Such genius!!!! holycow
Especially the music. Jeremy Soule is a fcuking genius of all man kind. 21st century Mozart. Close enough.

The amount of time, determination and hardwork to make such an epic game is unfathomable.


This remind me of something.

I haven’t play that epicness for a week.

It’s the year of Dragon. So, I take it as a sign from God to play more Skyrim.

Oh yeah. This is the Skyrim Trailer that features real human. First video game that really cast REAL HUMAN to make a trailer out of it.

What an actual FUCK. That’s a movie!!!! not game. Again. My mind is blasted.

-God! Everytime I watch the Sound of Skyrim video, I got chills and goosebumps all over the place. Bad ass music composer is bad ass-

Ps: to anyone who want to see full behind the scenes . see LINK


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