Best Game I’ve ever played

23 Dec

That’s right ,bitches!

I got myself  an  ELDER SCROLL V: SKYRIM!! for free.

I used to make Skyrim jokes, until I took an arrow in the knee.

If you got Skyrim problem, I feel bad for you, son.

I got 99 arrows and my knee took one.

Don’t even compare an awesome RPG like this to MW3 and BF3!

MW3: Awesome storyline but it got boring too fast because it’s the same thing in each series.

BF3 : LAME campaign with stupid buggy platform to play on, but EXTREMELY fun multiplayer.

Point and shoot is so yesterday! It is now arrow in the knees era, and fighting dragon,trolls and Giants all over again.

Sounds like DOTA? FUCK YOU.

It is nothing like DOTA,simply,  because :

Fuck That Shit!!!!!!!!

Maybe not PERFECT yet, SKYRIM is hands down THE GAME OF 2011 ,AND MOST LIKELY  the best computer games ever made.

Is it really THAT GOOD?!!

YES IT IS.  It is THAT good , okay.

It is actually SOOO good , you can almost lick your own finger.

Wait whatttt??

Everytime I walk in Skyrim world, my heart jizzed a little bit inside.

It is so mesmerizing, so beautiful, so surreal. I don’t wanna go back to the real world. Please let me stay in there forever.

It feels like christmas winter!!!!!!!!!!!

MY second Dragon!!!!!!!


When the LAST kill come, it will automatically changes to 3rd person view and make it slow motion like a movie!!!!


Christmas holiday is coming! Guess what I’ll be doing?

yes! that’s correct!

One does not simply play SKYRIM for a “few minutes”.

That’s a total bullshit.

To anyone who never played Skyrim before?

Here’s one piece of useful advice for you: Never start playing Skyrim. EVER.


What the fuck is going on  with  all this Facebook time line shit? I don’t even wanna creep some of you fat fucks anymore because it’s too complicated and I thought the menus in Skyrim were hard first time playing it?!!!



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