Dear Santa,

27 Nov

I want a CROSSBOW with Daryl Dixon with it and I will be happy for the rest of my life.

Everyone who knows me know that I am obsessed with zombies related stuff. I even dreamt of zombie apocalypse to actually happen, to satisfy my inhuman needs.

I started to watch this zombie apocalypse series : The Walking Dead. What can I say? It’s too awesome to be described in words.

Favorite character in that series? DARYL DIXON.

That’s right. Daryl motherfucking Dixon.

At first, I was like , YUCK! what a uneducated white trash who only speak trash language just like his hillbilly brother.

But as the show progress, his BAD ASS- ness  won my heart.

He is hot headed at times, but he can still be sensitive and has a soft side.

The way he made Andrea laugh to comfort her? and the way he goes out the way in the middle of the night just to find the missing girl UNRELATED to him? That’s just crazy, seeing a bad ass stupid hot headed guy having a soft side makes my heart goes warm and cozy inside.

If you ask me, who would survive at the end of the day? I’d say, DARYL.

He knows how to get things done  and what to do in order to survive.  That thing he does with his cross bow is just plain magic. LESS THAN THREE!

I usually don’t like redneck characters but Norman Reedus is such a good actor that I can’t help FALLING IN LOVE with his character and charisma. Charisma ,guys. That’s one thing you gotta have to win girls’ heart.  Good looks alone wouldn’t help.


Sorry Twilight fans

My ovaries just exploded :

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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