Battlefield 3 is gonna suck because..

6 Nov

of  Origin and Battlelog.

What the F was that? seriously? EA? fix yo shit together man!

BF3 has been the best experience for me in FPS since the call of duty series. Epic battles with self driven vehicles like tanks and THIS JAMES BONDS SHIT:

you get to get on a parachute and hijack a heli? that is so fucking mindgasm!

All the destruction is mind blowing.Graphics? There is no contest. Considering Modern Warfare 3 is still using Direct X 9, BF3 wins in this as it is using Direct X 11 and 3 D support. Of course, I can’t get the to the full setting of the game, my graphic card will explode and slit itself on the wrist if I do that.

Crappy thing about  BF3  is that,

You have to fucking install this Origin shit just to play this game, some sort of stupid crappy desktop-crashing platform which is still in beta just to troll people who buy this game. Installing BF3 is like the worst experience I’ve ever encounter in my years of installing non- LEGIT game. I thought it’s supposed to be simple when you buy this game. I was wrong.

My friend cannot install BF3 from the DVD itself, it downloads from Origin ,the whole 11gb of it ..which suck a lot of dick.

After the whole tiring process of installing that shit, you have to log in to Battlelog, which takes you to a website and launch the game from there. Whatever happen to launching game from INSIDE the game? All these new  features in this game are useless and shitty!

Another thing, there is no in game voice chat in the game? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Once again, you have to set a “PARTY” in battlelog, and your friends will have to join it just so you can hear each other over game.

Battlefield 3 would be the best game ever if not for this shitty and buggy features it has right now.

Gameplay = EPIC , awesome, GODLIKE.

Platform to play the game = Bloated, cancerous tumor and unnecessary.Launch a program which launches a web browser which launches the game= WTF

Playing with friends will be the best experience if not for this crap. For now, I’ll just have to wait for EA to fix this shit so I can play this awesome mind blasting game without complain.

Worth buying the game?





2 Responses to “Battlefield 3 is gonna suck because..”

  1. Anonymous November 7, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    lalalala~ freind who got trolled reporting in… pls add me on Origins… tq

    • Jessica November 8, 2011 at 9:31 am # know the drill..or add me in email

      oh ya! your graphic card is below the minimum requirement…thats why it lags..
      solution 1: buy ultra superman graphic card
      solution 2: set the setting to low..all set to low..

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