Blood and Gore

29 Oct

I like my game to be BLOODY and Gory.

More bloods , more violence..more gruesome and lurid please.

I am looking for a very violent first person shooter to please my inner psycho and to satisfy my violent tendency inside of me.

I can’t do it in real life, I cry at a war movie scene, but in game, it’s different.

So, anyone wanna recommend me games like this?

Good graphic of course.So I can see the intestines and blood shooting out  from guts,  bloody limbs etc CLEARLY.



I found the Haunted to be extremely gory, just the way I LOVE it’s done.

but sadly, it’s not FPS and the graphic doesn’t look promising. The game-play looks repetitive and boring too.

So holler back at me if you found the game that I want.


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